Halal Frozen Pizza Crust & Spiral Curry Puff

Manufacture of Pizza Crust, Spiral Curry Puff Skin

Summary of  Product Development

Burger .....BIGGGGGG size Flavored Burger Bun & Patties

Deep Fried Fruit Pie (Pai Goreng)

Inti Manis: Epal bersama kayu manis, Pisang, Nangka dan Mangga

Sweet Fillings: Apple with cinnamon, Banana, Jackfruit and Mango

Profil Produk / Product Profile:

Kulit Luar : Ada gelembung kecil dengan kulit pastri yang teramat rangup.

Outer skin: Bubbly or Blisters with crunchy skin

Kulit Dalam : Pastri short-crust dengan ketebalan yang spesifik.

Inner skin: Short-crust pastry with specific thickness.

Ringkasan (Summary of Research Findings)

Able to achieve both blisters and crunchy skin profile. Infact from the sample developed, the crunchiness is crunchier than the bench-mark sample. By dipping the finished product into a batter mixture on specific viscosity and later froze, this product is very easy to make and have a big market potential value

Deep Fried Pizza

Filling: Meat Base or Vegetables

Product Profile:

Outer skin: Bubbly or Blisters with crunchy skin

Inner skin: Light pastry with specific thickness.

Summary of Research Findings:

Product Concept: Easy to prepare by deep frying method and majority house hold in Malaysia have cooking wok. Thus, anyone can enjoy pizza without using an oven.

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